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Groups of residents of Long Preston - Organised by date, as far as can be ascertained.

The Delves Family
School Fancy Dress
Mrs Catherine Cappe
Hannah Dinsdale - nee Moore
MLV01 - William Jackman
MLV02 - Elizabeth Jackman ( nee Scott)
MLV03 - Wedding of daughter Elizabeth to James Leach
Main Street 1887 B
The Gane Family 1895
Amisteads at Bendgate Farm
Front of Bendgate Farm
Two ladies with a dog
Two Armistead Sisters
Armistead - Smoking Gentlemen
Possibly Long Preston
Amistead Wedding
Armistead siblings
Armistead family group
Armistead Family Group 2
Hannah Moore - knitting
Hannah Moore - Armistead Family
Armistead family and vintage car
Armistead Family -  Poplar House
Unknown lady ( possibly Armistead )
Two ladies in pinafores
Armisteads and monkey puzzle tree
Thompson Paradise Sq 1908
Man on horseback
Mr Cuddy Hardiman at West End
Church Street C1900
Long Preston School Group 1
AB01 - School Group 1901
Long Preston School Group 2
Long Preston School Group 3
Wilson band  - c 1905
School Group at Fountain
RS-B08 - Children on Green c1904
CU children on green 1906
Children on green 1906
Long Preston School Orchestra 1906
Long Preston School Orchestra 1906 - Names
Long Preston School group - 1906-7
RS-D62 - Mr and Mrs Chapman - Endowed School Cottage - Main street
Annie Ethel Metcalfe
Conservative Club 1910
Boars Head gas lamp
Boar's Head gas lamp.
Tennis Club c1910
Long Preston Boys School Group 1911
Volunteers 1914-18 War
Making Hay - Mearbeck House - 1905
Tom Preston - Great War in 1914
Tom Preston - Great War
Grave of Captain Tom Preston
Capt. Tom Preston's Grave
Journey to the front in France
View of Mearbeck House
Mearbeck House
Front of  Mearbeck House
Front of Mearbeck House
Garden at Mearbeck
Garden at Mearbeck
Group in front of Mearbeck House
Inside Mearbeck House
Inside Mearbeck House
Furniture inside Mearbeck House
Inside Mearbeck House
Long Preston Endowed School 1915
Volunteers 1914-18 War - detail
WW! Soldiers 1915
Harry and Annie Metcalfe 1917
Harry and Annie Metcalfe - 1917
Soldiers June 1918
Annie Hargreaves 1919
Conservative club 1919
Shooting Party 1 - 1920s
Shooting Party  2 1920s
Shooting Party in 1920s
Liberals on the green c1923
Liberals on The Green c 1923
T Jackman and W Procter c 1925
George Carr as baby
George Carr as a baby in 1925
Mothers Union 1929
Fire  Brigade
Boy on Horse
Long Preston School Children
Long Preston Wesleyan Chapel outing c1930
ong Preston Wesleyan Chapel Choir Outing c1930
Long Preston School Group c1930
Mellin children and friends
Newhouse Family Group
Newhouse family wedding 1935
Methodists 1930
Sunday School Play - early 1930s
JH01 - Ward Family - 1930s
Unknown football club
Unknown Footbal Club
LP Cricket Team
Learie Constantine
Learie Constantine at Long Preston
Long Preston Cricket Team 1935
Mrs Denton - Girl Guide Captain - card
Mrs Denton - Girl Guide Captain
Girl Guides group
Girl Guides -1929
Three Guides
Girl Guides Outing
Frances Popay
Girl Guides Concert 1
Girl Guides Concert 2
Methodist Choir Outing - 1935
Long Preston School 1935
Beacon Copy Bonfire - May 1937
School Group at Cromwell House
British Legion 1936
George Carr and grandparents Wilson
Robert Slater and George Carr
Robert Slater as a boy
Haytime at Guys Farm - Tom Stables
Haytime at Guys Farm - rev
Haytime at Guys Farm - rev
Long Preston and Hellifield Home Guard C 1943
Hellifield ARP
John Sheherd - Wedding Photo
Robert and John Dinsdale
Mary Moorby - War Letter 1
Mary Moorby - War Letter 2
Mary Moorby - War Letter
Coaches in Church Street
Metcalfe Brothers at Paradise Square
Billy Metcalfe
Billy Metcalfe photgraphing snow
Workmen at Sunnyside - 1948
Football Team 1948-9
LP Football Team 1948-49
Long Preston Football Club
Officials of Long Preston Football Club
Long Preston Football Club
Long Preston Football Team
Long Preston Football Club
Unknown footballers
Unknown Football Club
MM23 - Western Terrace 1949 - cropped
John Metcalfe 1950
SD01 - 1950 or 51 - Susan Day and Florrie Dodgen
Donkey Cart - C1952
Concrete seat
Three Metcalfe brothers at Church St 1953
William and Micky Metcalfe 1953
Enid Metcalfe c1954
Sunday  School Outing c1950
School Group 1954
Harvest lunch at Thwaites Farm 1941
Haytime Thwaites 1957
Haytime 2 - Thwaites 1957
Harvest Group at Mearbeck
J Caseys father shoeing horse
Haymaking 2
Haytime 2
Driving the Bamfords Strawer
haymaking with the Bamfords Strawer
Haytime Cowbridge - 1960s
Hay Waggon
Robert Mellin as young boy.
Harvest  Lunch - (Mellins)
Harvest Lunchwith hay cart
Harvest Lunch, with horse
Tractor at Cowber c1954
Horse at Mill Farm
John Mellin c1958
Long Presto Cattle Market - John Mellin
Long Preston Cattle Market.
Mothers Union at the Lakes
Childrens Day 1962
Church and Chapel gathering 1960s
Fancy Dress Parade 1966
Fancy Dress Parade 1966
Group in river bed
Baptist Chapel tree planting - 1974
Seated by wall
Mr Gane - Margaret Millers father
Long Preston School Group - April 1970
RS-D78 - Settle Royal Observer Corp
Bliss cartoon

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