Nancy Procter

Nancy Procter (nee Kayley) was born in 1921 in Long Preston and has lived all her life in the village.

Part A:  Memories of her childhood and schooling at long Preston and at Settle Girls High School. Then working in Carlton at Fatorini's mail order store and then for the Gas Company in Settle. Recalls meeting her  future husband , him joining the air force at the start of the war, getting married and his return after being a prisoner in Japan. Talks about dances in the village - with music by the Ribble Band.

Part B:  Memories of the Methodist Chapel and living on Ribblesdale and then in Church Street. Talks about the doctors in the village, the school dentist and hospitals at Leeds & Skipton; the many shops in the village, the auction mart and wool warehouse. Travelled by train to Morecambe for holidays, otherwise used the bus for local journeys. Visits to the cinema in Settle.

Part C:  Nancy talks about changes to the village in 1960's and how the railways were a large employer. Relates how her parents grew most of their vegetables in their garden.

Recorded:  August 2011