Stewart Robertshaw

Stewart Robertshaw was born at Saltaire in 1940 and moved to Long Preston in 1946, where he has lived and worked as an electrician. Stewart has been involved with many activities within the village.

Part A:  Talking about childhood and memories of school days, playing football on the green, sledging in winter, games played & exploring the hills. After school did his electrical apprenticeship then wiring of remote farms. Recalls the Auction Mart & market days.  

Part B:  Shops, Christmas & travelling to school by the "Bonny Face" tank engine and the "Residential Express" and other railway memories. Dances and how he met his wife, got married and had children.
About the Methodist Chapel & Sunday school, also demolition of the Methodist Chapel

Part C: Health services prior to the National Health Service. Remembers the end of the war and working for the Electricity Board. Joined the Dramatic Society then art class, badminton, football & cricket.
Grassing of "The Concrete" & the "Childrens Days" events. Finally talks about his involvement with the Village Hall.

Recorded:  January 2009