Stan Lee

Stan Lee was born in 1920 in North Wales. After serving in the Royal Air Force for 14 years he married a Settle girl in 1943 who also served in the Air Force. In 1947 they made Long Preston their home.

Part A:  When Stan and his wife moved to Long Preston in 1947 they lived first of all in Guy's Cottage and then at The Heath. First impressions of Long Preston were of a very friendly, self contained village with many shops and three churches and chapels. Memories of travelling each day to Burnley by motorbike.

Part B:  Talks about the entertainment in the Village Hall and at the Conservative Club opposite the Maypole. Many clubs were very active, including the cricket and football team also bowling club, British Legion and Angling club. A lot of the activities faded away during the 1960's. Stan was the last to have an allotment before it closed.

Part C:  At Harvest Festivals the Church was full with congregation and produce as were the Baptist and Wesleyan Chapels. Recalls the payment of rents to Miss Preston's agent in the Boars Head. Memories of the celebrations for the Queen’s Coronation in the village.

Part D:  Tells of the well in the allotments which was  constructed from an old steam engine boiler, fed by a spring and how the Village water supply froze during the hard winters and of the Village being snowed in.

Recorded:  May 2011

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