Part A: Robert talks about his early life, his early
career in the hospitality trade and meeting Elspeth.

Part B: Robert and Elspeth moved into The Maypole in August 1983. Robert talks about    their early days there with two small children, and the history of the pub.

Part C:  Talks about the practicalities of running the pub and the shared responsibilities with   Elspeth, William, Rosie and the staff from the village.

Part D:  Robert speaks about the early 1990's renovations in the pub. He also talks about    developing staff, organising the catering and how to run the kitchen and the    cellar. He also picks some personal highlights of his career.

Part E:  Moving on - Robert talks about leaving The Maypole, becoming a customer, then   starting to work part-time at The Talbot in Settle, owned by daughter Rosie and son-  in-law Russell.

Recorded: October 2014

Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer was born in Leamington, Warwickshire, in 1952.
After a few weeks he was taken to Pakistan, and returned to Warwickshire four years later.
He moved to Long Preston with his wife Elspeth in the early 1980's. They took over The Maypole Inn, running it for over thirty years.