Dendro-Dating Results

During 2013 the Long Preston Heritage group worked with Alison Armstrong, a Vernacular Buildings Specialist, to interpret the results of tree-ring dating (dendro-dating) which was undertaken by Nottingham Tree-Ring Dating Laboratory.

Samples were taken from two local barns which had a quantity of re-used cruck timber and monastic connections.

Preliminary results had shown that a cruck timber from a Bolton Priory barn in Long Preston was felled in 1527. This barn was heightened and widened in 1708 ( beam inscription). At Lower Winskill the timbers proved more complex with felling dates of c1500 anfd 1560 for cruck timber with non-cruck timber of 1664.

This important work gives the first local chronologies in the Dales for re-used cruck-timber.

On Thursday 23 January 2014, Allison Armstrong and Tom Lord of Lower Winskill Farm

gave a talk in Long Preston Village Hall - "From trees to timber trusses"
 at which the results from the dendro-dating were presented.

In summary the results showed that:

* we now have the first dates for such timber in Craven

* the dates include monastic times, pre 1539

* the chronologies obtained will enable more successful tree-ring dating

* the results answer the question about what was here before the great rebuilding in stone. Building historians have long noted raised roof lines from thatched buildings of probable 16th century date

* the project also involved local school children investigating their local area.

Recording of the talks and subsequent discussion.

Part A:  Talk by Allison Armstrong.

Part B:  Talk by Tom Lord
  of Lower Winskill Farm.

Part C:  Question and Answer Session.

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The Monks & Beams Project was concluded with the

book-signing at Bolton Priory on Saturday 12 July 2014

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