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The Monks and Beams Project in pictures.

See here for details of the project.

The Beams at Guys Villa Barn and Lower Winskill Farm.

Guys Villa Barn, in the middle of Long Preston village, is associated with Prior Moon's family. It contains a beam with the date 1708 carved into it, along with the inscription           the M referring to Moon.

We have dated the beam, and others in the barn, by analysing the annual growth rings of the beams and comparing them to other timber to fix a date.  This is a process called dendro-dating or dendro-chronology.
It was done for us by Robert Howard of the Nottingham Tree-Ring Dating Laboratory (NTRDL)

The following photos were taken in April 2013, during the extraction of sample cores

from the beams at Guys Villa Barn for the dendro-dating



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Lower Winskill farm is visited
by the Long Preston Primary School children

The children of Long Preston Primary School
were studying the topic of Megastructures during 2013.

As a complementary part to that study they visited Lower Winskill Farm,
in May 2013, to see the structure of its barn and its beams.

We have also dendro-dated beams at Lower Winskill Farm,
which was a part of a grange belonging to Sawley Abbey.

The Laughing Dog at Bolton Priory

In April, they had also been to Bolton Abbey,
to see the Laughing Dog carved into the tower built by Prior Moon.

Skipton Castle

The children also visited Skipton Castle, in April, which obtained Bolton Priory land
when Bolton Priory was dissolved by Henry VIII, around about 1539.

The Kings Men, Kings College, Cambridge
visit Long Preston Primary School

The Kings Men, the choir from Kings College, Cambridge,
visited the children at their End-of-Year Assembly in July 2013.
They sang their new arrangement of the nursery rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle to the children.

The children then sang their new version of the nursery rhyme back to the Kings Men.


The composition and arrangement was by Hannah Glossop and Angela Williams.

Prior Moon's chalice in St Mary's Church, Long Preston

Prior Moon's chalice is in regular use at St Mary's Chuch, Long Preston.
On 14th September 2013 we had an opportunity to see
Prior Moon's Chalice at the Church Open Day.

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